2023 Offering

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2023 Offering

New Gestalt Voices is happy to share the plans for the coming 2023 year:

– Journal “New Gestalt Voices”: regular editions of articles with gestalt observations on acute issues. The nearest edition is planned for September with a special issue related to the social activist agenda, minoritised voices and current issues. Those interested please contact john@newgestaltvoices.org. –

Online gathering “Foreign Language as a Challenge for Contacting” We often struggle with our limitation to get into contact with the Other due to inability of speaking the Other’s language. Remember your feelings in those moments? Shame, frustration, confusion… Shame again… And again shame… What’s up? Why are we getting so much frozen when contacting the Other involves speaking differently? We invite participants with all different languages to the experiment to try to understand each other without translation, just using our gestalt language. It’s a 3-hour meeting with the group facilitation in several languages and work in small groups with no translations. Does a gestalt language exist? Are we ready to speak gestalt language? Answers to these and many other questions could possibly help you to overcome some of your shameful experiences in contacting the Other. The seminar might help us to think about what future support is needed to help bridge linguistic divides without necessarily playing into the hegemony of English. First gathering is planned for February (the date to be identified later). If you have interest in helping with this event, or providing translation (in whatever language) please contact chloja@newgestaltvoices.org

Frontiers of Gestalt Seminar Series (Series 2) With our Frontiers of Gestalt online seminar series, we engage what we believe are some of the key topics that will define the forthcoming era for gestaltists – race, profit, sex/sexuality, environmental catastrophe, war, certainty, avoidance, splits, conflicts and more. You can register for the whole series, or book for individual seminars from three months prior to the date – keep your eye on our website Newgestaltvoices.org.

We are currently looking for workshop presenters to continue the exciting tradition established during our first Frontiers series. 10 3-hour online events 14.00-17.00 UK time / Sundays First workshop is planned for March (the date to be identified later). All seminars apart from those with intimate issues will be recorded, and tickets grant you access to the recordings. If you would like to deliver a workshop… We are keen to invite new presenters to share their ideas, or people with lots of experience to talk about something new to them. If you are interested in delivering an online workshop for NGV please contact chloja@newgestaltvoices.org

In addition to our seminar series we sometimes host one off events on timely issues. If you have an idea please get in touch. –

Online forum “What Is a Woman?” There are many different types of discussions around the topic of gender. Our intention is to explore your own attachment to the issue. Both those identifying yourself with men, women, agender, transgender and others are invited. 5 key-note speakers with different gestalt perspectives are invited to open the discussion to be continued in small groups to get update on your own perception of either you and/or a person nearby. The luxury of considering cultural specifics of gender issues will be available to the participants. 14.00-18.00 UK time / March 5 –

Learning Program “Human Dignity in the Times of War” 4 1-day seminars with 3 dynamic groups in between considering the phenomenon of human dignity from different perspectives: ethical, body and social. Gestalt observations on these and related issues will be explored, from the individual to geopolitical level. The current situation around the war in Europe and beyond will be considered from a gestalt paradigm. To be processed further in dynamic group work. The Program is starting in April, the number of participants is limited. Translation will be provided. Those interested in all the events listed above please contact chloja@newgestaltvoices.org.

“Sex in dialogue and action – though not doing it with each other” (6 session Online Exploration Group): Starting when we have sufficient numbers Talking about our own relationships to sex and to our sexual bodies and personas can for some be a necessary component of personal development – aspects of shame, isolation, trauma, privilege/oppression dynamics, and spiritual identity can become hived off from everyday personas and encoded in our sexual selves. These parts of us can often stay untouched through therapy training and even through therapy itself because of the combination of taboo, and the degree of trust and personal intimacy that is implicit in sharing our sexual selves. In this six session exploration group we will experiment with creating a safe space for sharing, supporting, and holding who we are sexually… To find out more or express interest please contact Chloja@newgestaltvoices.org or John@newgestaltvoices.org


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