Sociology Study group


I Can't Keep Calm Because of Sociology

November 2020

Led by Kamila Bialy, the sociology study group will focus on exploring a number of contemporary social theories influenced by philosophy, anthropology, etc. to understand a larger field within which Gestalt Therapy theory has been developing for the last decades. In so doing we will be involved in “hermeneutic games” of perceiving GTT as a figure and a specific social theory as a background (and vice-versa) as well as discussing possible ways they reciprocally shape one another.

Needless to say, this is not only about  language-games! Theories, epistemologies, social conditioning of knowledge influence our embodied collective and individual modes of being.

During the meeting we will therefore be experimenting  as whole beings and as such destructuring some old modes of knowing and welcoming the novelty – for ourselves and for our clients, and last but not least for our society and our environment!

We will be meeting every third Friday at noon EST/6pm CET.

Each meeting costs $10/ or $60 for 10.

Next meeting is November , the 27th. We will be reading Philippe Descola’ s book “The Ecology of Others”. Descola is a French anthropologist, anthropological theorist, interested in departure from nature-culture division as well as in human and non-human complex relationships.

To participate please contact