9th Jan 2021: Leadership is Dead, and thank fuck for that!


Typical leadership/management development crushes aspiring leaders, as it stuffs them with what other people have done in different times and in different circumstances and encourages them to be like these others. In a world that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) copying others will no longer cut it. That mode of leadership belongs to post industrial-revolution leadership, where certainty was prized and prediction was possible.

An embodied relational gestalt turns out to be a perfect fit for facilitating an alternative to this outdated leadership paradigm! In this seminar we will offer gestalt methods and exercises that foster authentic presence, unfolding difference rather than training in similarity. We will explore what leadership means in the modern world, and provide a space for non-binary ways of looking at problems, for working with uncertainty and working with polarities.