20th Mar 2021: Uncultivated Certainty: Knowledge, Truth and the Limits of Uncertainty.


What’s wrong with certainty, the poor relation of its popular polarity, uncertainty? Why do we shy away from embracing and talking of our certainty, lacking confidence to name it in our gestalt clinical work? Where is our Creative Indifference without access to certainty? Are we ashamed of certainty; is it linked in our minds to abuse of power and privilege? Is certainty hidden, taken for granted and what is certainty as something to work with?

Can it be that, as Wittgenstein would tell us, certainty is in a different category to knowledge and is as such unburdened by issues of right and wrong, or that it is the ‘perceptual faith’ of which Merleau-Ponty speaks?

In the workshop, Certainty will be exhumed from its early grave and reinstated to its place as a living, embodied quality with a vital role to play in the presence-ing of ourselves and our clients.