19th Sept 2020: An experiential exploration of how white privilege is carried in our bodies




This online experiential workshop is designed for people of all ages, nationalities and experience levels who identify as “white”. Together we will create a “white space” where we can explore our fragility and anxiety around race and systemic oppression of people of colour, with a focus on the somatic and affective aspects of our experiences. Participants will be able to define “white privilege”, “white fragility,” and “white anxiety.” They will explore and identify their subjective, phenomenological experience of these concepts in their hearts (affective experience) and bodies (somatic experience).

Why are we offering this workshop only to individuals who identify as “white”? We would like to create a space where whiteness can be discussed without shame or fear of offending others. We are aware of the potential for microaggressions against people of colour in settings where white privilege is discussed. Given the current global climate, and especially the hostile climate in the United States, against people of colour, we wish to avoid contributing further to their suffering. By doing our work, by ourselves, it is hoped that we will emerge with greater awareness of ourselves and empathy for people of colour. Through understanding our differences, it is hoped we will be better equipped to unite with people of colour in the fight for justice and liberation.