Our Operating Model

NGV offers a hub around which a number of independently led projects can develop. Some activity like our Learning and Development programme, and partnerships with training institutes may be led by NGV centrally. Other strands such as leadership development, consultancy, public/philanthropic funded projects, and potential innovations that we have not yet thought of are likely to be led independently. These projects will be supported by NGV, and an arrangement will be put in place such that revenue is shared fairly and proportionately according to the extent of our involvement/support.

Projects do not need to be branded as NGV but may use NGV's logo. We will make clear NGV's involvement (or not) as is helpful to each project.

How to become involved in NGV

There is no set path one needs to go through in order to become involved. The kind of journey some of our collaborators have been on might look like this...


The value of NGV derives from ....

  1. synergies/cross-fertilisation between projects.
  2. support for self-development and co-development in NGV forums/worknets/ Learning programmes (the NGV ethos esteems development at the group/community level believing "it is impossible for anyone to be extremely happy until we are happy more generally" (Perls, Hefferline and Goodman, 1951. Gestalt Therapy).
  3. NGV's open source ethos and wider sharing of learning via social media and via our publications. Much of our contact with participants and potential collaborators comes via social media.
  4. aligning tools and knowledge from adjacent change propagation models (e.g. social movements, community organising, complexity science, and the science of marketing) with a gestalt approach.
  5. supporting and modelling conversations between the gestalt community and the wider world. Supporting a more open and accessible gestalt with a particular focus on those not engaged, or not included in current conversations.