Leadership is Dead

If you are already stuffed full of traditional ‘management’ techniques but are curious about strengthening your own leadership, this programme is for you.

Leadership Programme

Forgive the clumsy bastardisation of Nietzsche, but Leadership is dead. And in that death lies freedom. With some intentional provocation, we would like to highlight a couple of the absurdities that abound around leadership: You are promoted for your intelligence, potential and experience and yet, to ‘develop’ you and make you a ‘good’ leader, you are stuffed full of what other people have done, in different times and in different circumstances and encouraged to be like them… with no guarantee of success, just a blind faith in the power of cloning. You are told THAT is what good leadership is. If you are lucky you will attend a prestigious place of learning and become a certified disciple of their particular doctrine. This is both outdated and somewhat insulting… no wonder so many of us feel we are ‘not enough’, imposters in our own roles and clothes. And with every new theory, the gap between our self-perception and what we perceive others expect of us and how we ‘should’ be grows. And of course, we can never be like others, as we are our unique selves.

Leadership is what happens when you fully meet the cultural, operational and relational context you operate in, with your own values and sense of purpose and your authentic interaction with the needs of those that surround you. It is complex, changing and uncertain. Or to adopt a term which business has co-opted(but not changed what they teach!), Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous(VUCA). Copying others will no longer cut it. That mode belongs to post industrial-revolution leadership that prevailed from 200-50 years ago. We need to let that go and make space for a more relevant way of leading and to work on your own leadership and to find your own voice in your own circumstances and way to thrive in this VUCA world. So let’s forget the cult of the ‘wise other’ and welcome the strength of the ‘wise self’. We have developed an intensive leadership programme which is designed to support you to:

  • Identify and strengthen your own unique style as a person and as a leader
  • Gain confidence and comfort in working with uncertainty
  • Quieten the automatic response of reactivity and create more choices for you
  • Take the time to figure out why you are a leader, your purpose, your style and meaning. In short, what matters to you.


  • We do not teach; instead we work with you as facilitators and with all in the group as equals
  • We have a ratio of max 4 people to 1 facilitator
  • We draw heavily on gestalt as route to having more honest and in depth conversations and inquiries with ourselves and others.
  • We draw heavily on your own wisdom and that of the group.
  • This programme is intended to be hugely challenging and hugely supportive – we take a deep dive into your own leadership and your personal context.


  • The programme is framed around the SOS Model (Chidiac, Denham-Vaughan) .
  • A total 11 days in group workshops, with optional one to one coaching

Workshops will take place at a setting in the UK.

1. Introduction: 2 days (11th – 12th March 2021)

2. Deep inquiry into Self: 2 days. (22nd – 23rd April 21)

3. Deep inquiry into Other: 2 days (13th – 14th May 21)

4. Deep inquiry into Situation: 3 days (23rd – 25th June)

Four month gap with optional coaching

6. Follow up session – outcomes: 2 days (18th – 19th Nov)

  • Duration 10-12 months
  • Maximum group size is 10, minimum group size 6.

Pricing and Suitability

We believe you will get and bring the most from this programme if you are already stuffed full of the traditional ‘management’ techniques but are curious about strengthening your own leadership.

£5995 per person. for more information please contact toni@3dleadership.co.uk / Thomas.ameel@gmail.com

Toni Clarkson

Toni loves chickens, gestalt, coaching, leadership, mountains and gardens. The order of these changes, but they never go away. Toni cares very much indeed about the quality of conversation we are able to have with ourselves and with others, and our willingness to hold our own truths and those of others with kindness. “And you can put I’ve got an international corporate OD background if you want!”

Thomas Ameel

Thomas studied clinical psychology and through encountering gestalt understood that he hadn’t learned a lot in those five years at university. Besides his part-time private practice in Brussels, he attempts to bring more of him and his gestalt into organisations, developing ways to support leaders through contact and genuine encounter instead of leaning into the performance training demands that pervade executive levels.