The journal

We are now inviting contributions for the next edition of our twice-yearly international journal, to be published January 2020. We welcome anything that can be shared in PDF format, and from anyone who would value the support of the journal in sharing their ideas. And you don’t have to be a student or a first-time writer – please see our previous editions!

We ask that you first email the editor with a short outline of what you would like to share. Depending on the content, we may be able to put you in touch with mentors to help you develop your piece. For more information, please read our guidance for contributors.

The website

The forum will be functioning shortly. It’s intended as an experiment in live sharing, offering the possibility of comment and response. We imagine that sharing in such a forum could be daunting and we invite you to check in with us first if you are unsure about posting. This might give you an opportunity to share within a smaller community of peers, and to see how this feels.

We also publish shorter pieces of writing and other creative endeavours, such as images and audiovisuals, on our blog. Please read more about our online community here.

Be involved in other ways

Organisationally, New Gestalt Voices is run by a committee of volunteers, mostly students of gestalt or fairly recent graduates. Many of us are studying as well as working so we don’t have a huge amount of time to spare, hence we could always do with more help from anyone who would like to be involved, in whatever capacity.

Management and editorial

None of us are experts at running a journal, and we’re looking for people with skills, time and energy to help. Consider joining our management and editorial group, which meets monthly online. Even if you can commit only a small amount of time, this is valuable, so please do get in touch. Becoming involved can be a great way to meet trainees from many other institutions, and gestaltists from around the world.

Peer and professional mentoring

Most journals have some form of peer review of contributions. We want to offer our authors support to develop their thinking and ideas, and help first time writers through the issues that come up when giving thought to what and how to share. We are looking for student and professional gestaltists willing to provide this form of mentoring.

Make a donation

We plan to keep this enterprise ‘lean and mean’ but there are costs involved in producing a journal, including webhosting, design fees and further development of this site. In time, we’d also like to provide writing workshops, host events that bring gestaltists together, and pay a small compensation for translating non-English contributions. If you see value in what we are doing please consider making a donation.

If you’d like to contribute, contact us