Team members

John Gillespie
U.K. | Founder &

John founded NGV in 2016 whilst in the third year of a gestalt psychotherapy training. He lives in London, and has a background of working in voluntary and public sector roles and in organisational consultancy. John is a profound believer that those on the margins hold many of the solutions to challenges our societies are only just beginning to grapple with.

Bernadette O’Koon
US |
Leadership Team

Bernadette (“Bernie”) O’Koon, is a 5th year Clinical Psychology doctoral student at the School of Professional Psychology at Wright State University in Dayton, OH and is completing her internship at the University of Pittsburgh Counseling Center. Bernie is a “recovering lawyer” whose chance exposure Gestalt in 2007 was the catalyst for deep personal and professional exploration and an eventual mid-life career change. Bernie trusts in the therapeutic process and believes that profound growth is possible when we understand our personal experience and development within the context of political and social systems and within our own bodies.

Toni Clarkson
U.K. |
Leadership Team

Toni loves chickens, gestalt, coaching, leadership, mountains and gardens. The order of those changes, but they never go away. Toni cares very much indeed about the quality of conversation we are able to have with ourselves and with others, and our willingness to hold our own truths and those of others with kindness. “And you can put I’ve got an international corporate OD background if you want!”

Laura Martinelli
Italy |
Leadership Team

Biog to come

Kamila Bialy
Poland |
Leadership Team

Kamila is a sociologist and gestalt therapist in one! When she works as a therapist, her sociological eye is always present, and often alert/activated/activist -oriented. As a sociologist she applies a relational field perspective. Having lived and practiced on the margins Kamila now also holds formal positions within academic and gestalt therapy worlds. She wonders, does this say more about her, or about the world she lives in?

Ayhan Alman de la Osa
England |
Editor GSRD Book

Ayhan is a Turkish born German who has become a naturalised British citizen after a period of existential Brexit angst. He has an MSc in gestalt psychotherapy and practices therapy online and has an international clientele. Ayhan is interested in culture, identity and belonging. He is editing NGV’s forthcoming book on gestalt approaches to working with GSRD communities.

Sally Taylor
England | Brand developer & Original Webmaster &
Production Editor

Although Sally has moved onto other things, we owe her huge gratitude for her work designing and creating the NGV website and brand. She was also production editor of the journal for its first six issues, and produced the blog posts as well as the newsletters. Sally lives in West Sussex.