NGV Mission, Aims and Values


The over-arching mission of NGV is to provide a platform and support for voices that are less often heard to take part in conversations – at different levels of system – community, national and global levels.

Our Aims

  • Using gestalt as a tool or prism NGV seeks to support meetings and conversations that shed new light on individual, team, organisational, and world problems.
  • NGV seeks to support and incubate practical innovations that have benefit to wider communities.
  • NGV seeks to revitalise the body of gestalt – for established members of our community, new practitioners and trainees, the world at large
  • NGV seeks to contribute towards developments in gestalt theory.
  • NGV is committed to an ‘open source’ ethos whereby so far as possible the work we do is made readily available, affordable and replicable.

Outward Looking

With a focus on social and global imperatives

Open Source

Making as much as possible of what we do available to others


Open to everyone regardless of experience


Supporting marginal experience

Investment Ethos

Personal investment is also contributing to something larger; you matter!

Relationally Oriented

Relationships are at our heart. We privilege these where we can over structures and systems


Supporting distributed leadership, and staying with the process of our evolution