Aims and objectives

Writing for publication or sharing our selves via whatever media is inherently frightening. There’s a jump between writing essays, and putting our words and experiences out into the world. One of Gestalt therapy’s founders, Isadore From, didn’t write, reputedly for fear of getting it wrong.

The field of established Gestalt writing is particularly intimidating for many. It is a field ripe with scope for introjects and negative self-comparisons, and therefore, unsurprisingly, it is defined by a minority of voices. This is the field we have to navigate if, as new writers, we are to find our voices. A daunting task.

With this in mind, we want to support new Gestalt practitioners. And at the same time we aim to create just enough emergency through our hope that our writing will be read by a wider audience and will, in some small way, help to shape the field.

Early conversations with trainees have suggested an appetite for experiments in community writing, in poetry, and audio visuals, and other expressive media, reflections on the experience of developing a therapeutic practice, research, and writings grounded in phenomenology and experience.


We want to engage with the dialogic nature of sharing as communication; as process and unfolding rather than aiming at truth or finality.


We want to create safety by holding the conversation within a community of peers.


We want to encourage reflection on the experience of writing/creating and of sharing our selves.


We want to heighten the importance attached to the role of the reader/viewer/listener, and explore technological innovations in real-time feedback.