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Now the whirlwind of excitement around the launch of New Gestalt Voices has subsided a bit, and before the next wave builds, we have an opportunity to take a breath, and breathe in the terrific amount of support we’ve received, and also to begin to assimilate the impact we’re having on the gestalt field.

My colleagues and I have been very touched by the response from across the profession, and especially from those who write themselves. Nothing has done as much to increase my respect for the quality of writing and erudition within the gestaltosphere than the experience of writing myself. We’re deeply appreciative of everyone’s support, and share some of the feedback we’ve received, as well as a link to a review of our inaugural edition, written by Chris O’Malley for the UKAGP, in the blog here

As I write this, a new round of authors are busy developing articles for the second edition of the journal, which will be published in January. We’ll be featuring pieces on gestalt therapy in India, internalised oppression, the accessibility of gestalt, an exploration of silence, and a tale of existential failing, to give just a taste of what’s to come! We’ll also have an article by Phil Brownell in response to Nils Konstantinovs’ earlier piece on religion.
I would like to invite content from others too, not only students and recent graduates of therapy and organisational practice, but also from not-so-new gestalt voices! We’re keen to broaden the conversation right out across the profession.

Currently, it’s particularly important that we include more exploration of applications of gestalt outside the therapy room, from organisational and community work, politics and wider societal dynamics. If you have an existing piece that fits this bill, maybe written as part of a course you’ve completed (eg ROG training), or can develop one fairly quickly, please contact me as soon as possible. Similarly, if you are motivated to respond to any of the previous articles, or would like to explore other ideas, please do get in touch. 

As well as seeking contributions for the twice-yearly journal, we’re also looking for content to publish on our blog so we can add posts regularly. This includes short-form articles, letters, book reviews, opinion pieces, etc, and other forms of creativity such as audiovisual and photographic work. Everything is welcome, just contact me with your ideas, suggestions and enquiries.
Forthcoming developments include the introduction of a webpage devoted to publishing short case-study material, recognising how valuable this is to trainees. And in the next few months we’ll premier a couple of short films: a meditation on dialogue by Georgian gestaltist Zviad Ekizashvili, and a compilation of interviews with writers from the first edition. We would love to showcase more different forms of creativity in future – we invite you to be bold, experimental, and subversive! Where is the next Tracey Emin of the gestalt world?!
In terms of NGV’s future, we have a development day coming up in November for the editorial team and other interested parties. We’ve succeeded in unleashing a huge amount of creativity, and also in providing a platform that brings together gestaltists from all over the world. Where next?

We would like to explore how our emerging brand and values can lend support to other projects, not necessarily in the arena of publishing – projects that promote voice, participation and dialogue across the profession, and reaching out beyond gestalt into the wider world. We would love to hear your ideas. 
And a final word about finances. Our funding model is completely reliant on donations. While we keep expenses as low as possible, a small sum is required to maintain the website and cover costs of producing the journal. Currently, we need about £400 to publish the next edition. Any financial contribution you can make is extremely valuable, and we will love you back! See here for details. Please remember, we carry advertising in the journal and on the website here so if you’d like to advertise your event, course, workshop, project or anything else, let us know when you make a donation.
John Gillespie

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