We have much pleasure in sharing below some of the great comments received from the international gestalt community after publishing the launch edition of the journal. We’re also delighted to say that Chris O’Malley wrote an extended review of our first issue, and you can read that on the UKAGP website here.

Thank you very much for this new adventure! It can be really supportive to start to write and share new perspectives, and it can bring new energy in our field!Gianni Francesetti
I believe the ethos you and the editorial team are creating is a necessary support for the future of Gestalt, as you foster a space for the articulation and expression of practice and interests that are not bound by the ‘academy’. I hope creativity will follow with many different forms beyond the written word.Billy Desmond
I guess the other thing I want to say is that as I am getting older, I sometimes wonder about this tradition I have been so passionately connected to for my whole adult life: the gestalt approach. Will the tradition continue to thrive going forward? New Gestalt Voices lends me much optimism about gestalt’s future. This is the kind of writing we need: personal, exploratory, creative, challenging!
Peter Cole
I take my hat off to you and to those who put their words out there. Indeed a challenging experience. By the way, even after years of publishing sending a piece out is a touch moment. At least for me starting is also a challenging moment and take a lot of time to come to fruition. The writing itself as in the process of, I totally love.

For those who would like to write you are doing a fantastic thing, for those who wish to read and do different things than writing too. So, win win – thank you.Talia Bar-Yoseph Levine

This is great news! Congratulations on getting this fine project up and running. You have my support.Elinor Greenberg
Congratulations on your new journal. You and everyone involved are doing something important for gestalt.Dan Bloom
Congratulations all those whose vision, commitment and passion have gone into creating this wonderful new Journal. I will be encouraging all of the students and recent graduates I know towards the journey of finding their voices… Look forward to reading and enjoying (already feel very excited after a quick skim through the table of contents and editorial).Leanne O’Shea
Sorry to for my delay in letting you know my delight in the first issue of NGV. Congratulations to all of you who wrote something. I read every article, with pleasure. A big thank you and congratulations to all of you.Lynne Jacobs
Let me add my congratulations! AAGT used to have an interest group called INGIG. I don’t remember now what the acronym stood for but it was a place for those of us new to the organization. You are providing that place for new writers! Without the support I receive from my gestalt community I would not write a word. Lovely!
Charlie Bowman
Engaging, provocative, exciting!
Piotr Mierkowski
I am working my way through this wonderful journal — and feel very connected to the authors who write so eloquently of their experiences in Gestalt therapy. Thank you and everyone involved for this beautiful work.

Natalie Gold
This is the most refreshing thing I have read in a very long time! What a daringly important contribution to the field. Very impressed!

Steffi Bednarek
I’m excited seeing what this excellent group of New Gestalt Voices is producing!

Adam Weitz
I am both delighted and deeply grateful to John and his team for bringing New Gestalt Voices to life and into our gestalt community. As I read the first edition I sensed a vigour and originality that was intellectually and emotionally stimulating: new topics, fresh perspectives, new voices. I also sensed the spirit of gestalt galloping toward a new, multicultural and diverse era where leadership and power might be distributed differently. Paul Goodman would have loved this initiative, which in many ways embodies his notion of genuine education:

“To learn theory by experimenting and doing.
To learn belonging by participating and self-rule.”
(PG, Growing Up Absurd)Sally Denham-Vaughan

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