Institute Affiliation

Institute Membership of NGV

NGV groups, events and development opportunities offer an additional platform to support professional and career development for the next generation of gestaltists (via publishing, facilitating and workshopping opportunities, and project leadership).

Our groups and development opportunities draw a significant number of trainees who struggle for one reason or another in their training, often providing an additional experience necessary for helping students stick with it.

Institute membership of NGV invites a partnership, through which we contribute teaching content, personal and professional development for trainees and faculty, and marketing/advertising support for the institute and its programmes & events. Our teaching content draws from a cohort of ‘up and coming’ practitioners who may struggle to get opportunities outside of NGV.

  • free or discounted access for trainees to selected NGV products and services – e.g. Journals, online process groups/seminar programme.
  • We can help meet professional development requirements of some programmes that require students to submit articles for journals/or give presentations at conferences.
  • Discounted places in NGV flagship “Learning and Development” cohort.
    NGV run training days at your institute – one day comes with our standard package.
  • Free advertising of your institutes and events via NGV publications and social media platforms.

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