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Having spent a significant amount of time at the beginning of this year training with the marvellous Greek Gestalt Foundation, I take great pleasure in welcoming New Gestalt Voices in Greece (NGViG) as the first addition to our family of publications. Many congratulations to the editorial and launch team there, headed up by Evangelia Kyriakou and Irini Koutela.

The state of gestalt in Greece is healthy, of this I have no doubt. I’ve found the commitment, humanity and knowledge of gestalt practitioners in Greece second to none, and this at a time when work to support individual resilience and social solidarity in the face of challenges is needed more than ever. We know about the economic difficulties, and the migrant crisis, but less talked about is intensification of the longstanding conflict with Turkey, raising the albeit distant prospect of war. I’m told this is what many people are talking about in therapy.

From an international perspective, it feels hugely important that these stories are told, and that we support our Greek colleagues to write about their work on an international platform.

NGViG is the first of our international affiliates, and owes its genesis entirely to the vision and commitment of Greek colleagues. Its mission aligns with the NGV philosophy of wanting to support more gestalt practitioners to harness ideas, creativity, and awareness in service of wider social change.

NGViG is also innovating, by requiring that all submissions be accompanied by an English translation, to facilitate sharing with the international community. I wonder, could this be a model for other collaborations, with existing or new journals, in order to facilitate wider cross-cultural partnering?

Publication of the first edition is scheduled for December 2018. A call for articles has gone out, with the deadline for initial submissions being 31 July. If you’re interested in writing for the new journal, or in lending your support in other ways, please email its editorial team: greece@newgestaltvoices.org.

You’ll now find a new page on our website, here, with information available in Greek to download.

And, to further foster the international spirit of NGV, we’ve also installed a widget on that page to translate it into practically any language. We’d appreciate you testing it out. If it proves successful, we’ll roll it out across the site, so feedback on its efficacy is very welcome – email our webmaster with your comments.

John Gillespie

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