Team members

John Gillespie
U.K. | Director & Founder

John founded NGV in 2016 whilst in the third year of a gestalt psychotherapy training. He lives in London, and has a background of working in voluntary and public sector roles and in organisational consultancy. John is a profound believer that those on the margins hold many of the solutions to challenges our societies are only just beginning to grapple with.

As founder of New Gestalt Voices (NGV) I (John Gillespie) came to gestalt via therapy. This helped me see that there was a place for my feelings that did not seem to fit. Gestalt supported me to develop a better connection with my body and emotions, and it helped me to find greater compassion for myself and for others. As I grew, so my consumption patterns changed. I no longer needed the new iPhone as soon as it was released. I eat less meat.

Nnandi Lecointe
UK |

Nnandi Lecointe is a qualified pharmacist and has spent much of her career working in the acute psychiatric hospital setting. She is currently completing her Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy at the Gestalt Centre London. Nnandi is involved in a number of projects and workshops supporting race and equality work within NGV, and the wider community, both in the UK and internationally. Nnandi lives in London with her 9 year old son Kymani, her large extended family, and last but mot least, the family dog Picchu.

Toni Clarkson
U.K. |

Toni loves chickens, gestalt, coaching, leadership, mountains and gardens. The order of those changes, but they never go away. Toni cares very much indeed about the quality of conversation we are able to have with ourselves and with others, and our willingness to hold our own truths and those of others with kindness. “And you can put I’ve got an international corporate OD background if you want!”

Badr Hajjani
France |

Badr is a french-moroccan therapist based in Paris. besides his private practice, he is running a company : La Juste Question, and an Not-for-profit Organization ( that tries to reduce
distance between places of suffering and places of care through producing content about therapy (the podcast: Therapie(s) sans frontières), organising free consultations and providing financial help to afford therapy. Badr is interested in Sports (football Basketball), Music (Guitar, Ukulele, song writing), Philosophy, Social Justice.

For him, NGV is a community, a place of experiment, a place of life, a place of fight, of love, of hurting, of caring, a place of learning and growing! A frontier between him and the world where the magic of humanity happens.

Kamila Bialy
Poland |

Kamila is a sociologist and gestalt therapist in one! When she works as a therapist, her sociological eye is always present, and often alert/activated/activist -oriented. As a sociologist she applies a relational field perspective. Having lived and practiced on the margins Kamila now also holds formal positions within academic and gestalt therapy worlds. She wonders, does this say more about her, or about the world she lives in?

Leonie McCarthy

Leonie is Chief Executive of Peterborough Council for Voluntary Service and has led on the development of Peterborough Plus, the City’s first Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Consortium. She is studying as a psychotherapy student at the Gestalt Centre London. Leonie has been working to transform the health and social care system by developing Peterborough’s first Health and Voluntary Sector Wellbeing Service, an integrated model for delivery of Voluntary Sector Support for Admission Avoidance, Delayed Transfer of Care and Prevention Services. She is currently working to implement a new model of “social-therapy”, providing a group gestalt intervention for people working in high pressured voluntary and public sector roles. Leonie was warded Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in 2009 New Year’s Honours List  

Ayhan Alman de la Osa
Spain |

Ayhan is a Turkish born German who has become a naturalised British citizen after a period of existential Brexit angst. He has an MSc in gestalt psychotherapy and practices therapy online and has an international clientele. Ayhan is interested in culture, identity and belonging. He is editing NGV’s forthcoming book on gestalt approaches to working with GSRD communities.