About us

There and Then

The idea for New Gestalt Voices came out of a meeting of Gestalt therapy trainees and recent graduates in the UK during summer 2016. We looked at how we can support each other as trainees, and how we draw support from the profession to unlock the potential of the next generation of gestaltists.

Our first innovation was the NGV International Journal. This is a platform for people who have not published before to share their creativity and for those with more experience to try out new things. Subsequently NGV has birthed a retreat, an online conference series (Gestalt in the Hotseat 2019-20), online process groups, and a forthcoming book on applications of gestalt therapy to GSRD (Gender, Sex, and Relationship Diverse) communities. NGV journal has spawned sister journals in Slovenia and Russia.

Structurally NGV has been emergent, privileging relationships and the working through of relational dynamics over organisational structure and systems. We see ourselves as akin to an open tent where people can come and go, and go on to develop projects of their own.

Moving to the next stage in our development journey requires some formalisation of our structure. However we wish to maintain the integrity that comes from placing relationships at our heart, and to continue to be an experiment in new forms of organising.

Here and now

As a uniquely dedicated testbed for innovation NGV has an important role to play within the gestalt ecology. We bring together activity aimed at pushing the limits of a gestalt approach as a response to different levels of modern-day problem - from harnessing the collective wisdom of teams in the workplace, to rolling out affordable therapy solutions to health providers and communities, to responding at an international level to the multi-layered problems associated with climate change. NGV wishes to harness what one of the founders of Gestalt Paul Goodman called "socio-therapy". We have people all over the world so can potentially run projects where we find the interest/money.

NGV assets are currently held by New Gestalt Voices Ltd. a company registered in the UK. Our three year business plan involves creation of a subsidiary or affiliate charity or co-operative in order to house some of our socially oriented work and qualify NGV to access charity specific funding, Our vision is that NGV's IP may subsequently move over to a new entity once adequate structures and processes are in place.


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