What and how

The idea for New Gestalt Voices came out of a meeting of Gestalt therapy trainees and recent graduates in the UK during summer 2016. We looked at how we can support each other as trainees, and how we draw support from the profession to unlock the potential of the next generation of gestaltists.

One idea was the creation of a web-based platform, hosted by students for other students, to enable sharing of ideas and creativity, whether through writing, film, visuals, music and any other form of expression.

We decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to create a website, and posted our project on Kickstarter.

Twenty-six backers ensured our idea could become a reality. For this we are extremely grateful to our support community across the globe, which ranges widely in terms of seniority within our profession and geographical location.

Here and now

And so now this website is a work in progress! It’s being improved and updated constantly so please check back soon to see what’s new. We will be showcasing your contributions and inviting feedback, comment and conversation.

Alongside this web-presence, we are publishing a twice yearly PDF-journal. We’re now inviting contributions for the second edition. Details are here.

Our aspiration is to create an open source / free subscription model with a wide circulation. Our editorial and management community is made up exclusively of gestalt trainees and recent graduates. You can read more about the team here.

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