The concept of community building is a vitally important part of New Gestalt Voices. The interactive nature of this project has the potential to bring together gestaltists from all over the globe, many of whom would otherwise never have the opportunity for contact with those training or practising in other countries and regions of the world.

Whether a trainee or established practitioner, we encourage you to become involved in whatever way suits best. For instance, you might like to take an active part in our forum (which will be functional soon) by joining in discussions or starting your own topics. Or you may choose to submit a long-form article for the journal or perhaps a shorter piece suitable as a blog post. And if you enjoy expressing yourself in even more creative ways, we’re also keen to feature poetry, artwork, photographs and videos. In fact, if you have a talent for photography, we’d very much appreciate good quality images that reflect gestalt themes and concepts, which we might use on the home page and elsewhere on this website, with your permission!

We also have a page for events and notices, which features courses, workshops, and more of interest. And on the links page you’ll find organisations with which we’re pleased to be associated.

If you’d like to make a donation to help support New Gestalt Voices, please see here. And stay in touch by joining our mailing list – you’ll receive a newsletter by email when new blogs are posted and when the next issue of the journal is published.



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