As featuring in forthcoming Radio show

February 18th 2021


Ansel Woldt writes “I submit herewith (Attachment, “Carnival of Anarchy”) a poem and original painting filled with symbolism of the 2020 election that arrived in my mail today from one of my good gestalt friends, a former doctoral advisee, Dr. Bernie Jesiolowski. The poem and painting is to be credited to the artist, Bernie’s brother, Ronald Jesiolowski.”.

The Carnival of Anarchy

Welcome to the big top,
We hope you enjoy the show.
Once you submit to our illusions,
you’ll question everything you know.

Admission is all for free right now,
but over time you’ll pay our bill.
The confusion that we subject you to,
Will cost the price of your free will.

The truth isn’t really relevant,
There is nothing you should believe.
That comes from those on the other side,
you see the saints are also the thieves.

The magicians, clowns and, jugglers,
will distract and mystify your mind.
And everything you thought once true,
will no longer be well defined.

We flirt with danger, and laugh at fear,
and defy reality.
Once you join the band, you’ll understand
The Carnival of Anarchy.

We’re the greatest show on Earth,
the world can’t believe their eyes.
The truth that we all once understood
has made even the wise believe the lies.

Poetry and images below by tonight’s main guest Kristin Verellen