A Covid Christmas Carol


Performed on the Radio

19th Dec 2020

Tiny Tim is cold. The ghost of Christmas pasts wants a Christmas like any other Christmas – full of misery and family tension…. The ghost of Christmas futures shows visions of floods and environmental cataclysm.

This all comes as great news to Mr Scrump! Sat in his Oval Office – the TV and heating turned off…. What could be more wonderful!?

Just in time to be visited by the three ghosts of Christmas present….

Mr “Paradoxical Theory of Change”,

Poor Mrs Jacobs Dialogue,

and Mr Phenomenology Bloom……

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Join us to let our imaginations and collective creativity rip into Dickens traditional family Christmas. Or listen to us on NGV Radio.

We are currently looking for cast, musicians, and script writers.

If you would like to be part of this, or if you could contribute in other ways – perhaps linking us with people you know who could support this please contact john@newgestaltvoices.org.